The mission of TRC is to provide education and community to homeschool families.

This is achieved by offering:

  • Classes to the first grade through high school student. Classroom experiences and connections with other homeschooled students are achieved in structured classroom teaching with supportive homework, group activities, and hands-on experiences. The subjects come alive as students get involved in literature appreciation, creative writing, drama, public speaking and special projects. We also enjoy planning fun into our days. Special dress days (specific days in which students sport pajamas, hats, fake injuries, or other specified attire), pizza party lunches, class trips across the street to Dunton Park and more all enhance your child’s social experience during our school year. Our Art program provides opportunity to display student Art throughout the community at various times of the year.
  • Support Group. Mom Community welcomes mothers of homeschooled students to come and join them for an informal time of encouragement, laughter, support and growth of friendships. We start on Thursdays at 9 am and stay for as long or short as each of us individually needs to.
  • Family events. We have several fun, after school active events throughout the year with the focus on connecting homeschool families. These events are open to all area homeschool families. During the summer, play dates at area parks are planned to keep relationships made through the academic year connected.



Program Details:

  • Two sixteen week semesters
  • School day is 9:00 -2:00
  • All classes are held at: Harbor Church, 296 Douglas Ave (Holland)
  • Classes have 8 – 24 students


Questions? We have the answers!

Email TRC at thursdayresource@gmail.com


Registration and Tuition:

  • Prior to July 1, $35 per student registration fee
  • After July 1, $45 per student registration fee
  • Registration ends August 1
  • If after August 1, a class does not have 10 students registered, the class may be cancelled.  (Families will be notified.)
  • Elementary program fee: $70 per month per student
  • 10% discount given for semester payment of $250 or multi child enrollment of $62.50 per month per student
  • A $40 per semester art fee per elementary student
  • Middle School: $100 per class if taking all three classes
  • Ala carte classes $130 per class per semester
  • One time $15 lab fee for Science


This school has teachers who will help you.  You have the most fun time and when you get A’s or B’s you feel you have accomplished something.  They give you a lot of homework but still it’s even more fun.  I love TRC.  Mackenzie, 7th grader

Writing is a very creative class at TRC along with History and Science, which are the classes taught to junior high students.  All the classes offered here improve your skills on that subject.  These lessons are all fun by hanging out or even making new friends.  Joshua, 8th grader

I like making new friends.  I learn a lot.  My favorite subject is Science because we do experiments.  We’ve learned a lot more about the states and capitals in Geography.  Mia, 4th grader

I love the high school Art class.  We learn a lot and get to experiment with many different Medias.  Sydney, 8th grader

TRC is a great place for learning.  I love making new friends and especially art class.  It is a great place.  Lauren, 6th grader

I like Thursday School because the teachers are nice. They are very friendly. We also do fun homework and projects that we can bring in to show the class.  Jake, 3rd grade

TRC is a good fit for our family.  We have been with TRC for 8 years.  My kids enjoy being in a classroom setting with other children their age.  I appreciate knowing they are accountable to someone else for Writing assignments, book reports, as well as projects in history and experiments in Science.           Kristi, parent


All classes are held at: Harbor Church, 269 Douglas Ave (Holland)